Production Experience

Simon Fentress

I currently run a number of businesses social media production, including: Tech Companies, Coaches, Book Authors, Non-profits and Musicians. In addition I do A/V for Productions Companies.These are some of the recent shows that I have worked with Williams Signal doing AV Production.

I have enjoyed doing these A/V jobs and running main conference rooms at corporate conferences. I worked as the lead crew member at The Internet of Things World at Santa Clara Convention Center (May 2017). I did AV production for Williams Signal, and with Four Moon Productions.

I worked the Pulse ’17 show at the Oakland Convention Center (May 2017 and Pulse ’16 the year before). The classic comedy television show Friends was the theme for the Customer Success show that I just worked five days of production and running running breakout rooms. I was brought in for this work by Williams Signal, and worked with Four Moon Productions from Las Vegas.

I worked the AMD graphics product announcement show at Ruby Sky in San Francisco (February 2017). I worked as a Stage Manager in a four camera live broadcast, directed by Absolute Live Media. I was brought in to work by Williams Signal to crew this show.

I got my start in Video Production and TV at Oregon State University TV Studio do a camera operation and Directing TV shows. I produced news packages.


In addition I have created hundreds of YouTube videos for companies, nonprofits and entrepreneurs.


I acted as Manager for Non-profit Sunrise Center, Corte Madera, CA

Environmentally based community service and educational nonprofit, with a strong focus on fostering constructive human interactions through compassionate communication skill-building.

¨   Stabilized and grew this organization whose mailing list was diminishing by 200+ subscribers per month to one that currently attracts 100+ new subscribers monthly.

¨   Increased organizational outreach tenfold through the creation and/or maintenance of five websites and establishing a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. (Software: WordPress.)

¨   Apply a breadth of unique photography and videography skills to filming, editing, and uploading video content to Sunrise Center’s YouTube channel. (Software: Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere.)

¨   Modernized and systematized daily operations and technology, creating ease, efficiency, and productivity for staff and clients.

¨   Create an ongoing series of fresh and engaging program announcements and oversee the customer relationship management process. (Software: Constant Contact and Sales Force. Filemaker)

¨   Plan and manage programs and events; coordinate festival booths and volunteers.


Teacher—Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Taught courses in speech and video production as a graduate student.

¨   Lectured/mentored students in presentation skills, to help them become accomplished public speakers.

¨   Evaluated student speeches and video projects.

¨   Created award-winning in-class videos that aired on OSU’s College TV.


Education and Training

Masters degree in education, speech, theatre Oregon State University (magna cum laude; 3.85 gpa)

Integrated three disciplines, culminating in a film project for which I served as writer, director, editor, and actor.

Bachelor of arts in playwriting and children’s theatre Western Washington University

Personal empowerment and professional enrichment Nonviolent Communication,
Café Gratitude seminars, The ManKind Project, Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance.


Patrick McCullum Foundation

bonobo conservation intiative

Movie/video production, direction, and Acting

Burning Man Stanford Talks with Celestine Star

Love Coach Academy with Scott Catamas

Sunrise Center’s YouTube channel

Generated 100’s of videos on a wide array of topics, including the following and more
Political (Proposition 37, elections integrity)
Environmental (Save Our Bay, Save Our Ocean; Hale Akua Garden Farm eco resort)
Interpersonal (Compassionate Communication/NVC, intimacy training)

Health (Dr. Jacqueline Chan, Dr. Paul Ciske, qi gong)

Spiritual (Spirit Circle, Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance, Kaia Ra)

Coming at You Kwatamani Holistic Institute for Mind, Body and Spirit

Journey to Natural Beauty Elaina Love, health and wellness lecturer and author

Victoria, Victoria Boutenko, raw food author and educator

I Want Candy, Cherie Soria, author and owner of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute

Lady of the Dead, a woman’s plunge into insanity after the death of her husband


We, Sci-fi thriller

Lady of the Dead a woman’s plunge into insanity after the death of her husband

Dwindle dark social commentary about a rape victim’s descent into madness

Schmee and the Captain social satire about a love affair

Peaches and Cream magical realism play about white slavery