Tech Production

I currently run a number of businesses social media production, including: Tech Companies, Coaches, Book Authors, Non-profits and Musicians. In addition, I do A/V for Productions Companies.These are some of the recent shows that I have worked with Williams Signal doing AV Production.

I have enjoyed doing these A/V jobs and running main conference rooms at corporate conferences. I worked as the lead crew member at The Internet of Things World at Santa Clara Convention Center (May 2017). I did AV production for Williams Signal, and with Four Moon Productions.

I worked the Pulse ’17 show at the Oakland Convention Center (May 2017 and Pulse ’16 the year before). The classic comedy television show Friends was the theme for the Customer Success show that I just worked five days of production and running breakout rooms. I was brought in for this work by Williams Signal, and worked with Four Moon Productions from Las Vegas.

I worked the AMD graphics product announcement show at Ruby Sky in San Francisco (February 2017). I worked as a Stage Manager in a four camera live broadcast, directed by Absolute Live Media. I was brought in to work by Williams Signal to crew this show.

I got my start in Video Production and TV at Oregon State University TV Studio do a camera operation and Directing TV shows. I produced news packages.